Chilcotin Mountains Winter Alpenglow

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History of Tyax Lodge and the Gold Bridge Area

Chilcotin Mountains Winter Alpenglow

Natural History


Tyax Lodge is located in British Columbia in Western Canada. The province’s major city is Vancouver, which is approximately 300km south of Tyax Lodge. On route to Tyax Lodge, you’ll drive north on Highway 99, which is one of Canada’s most beautiful drives. You’ll see The Chief in Squamish, the world-famous resort of Whistler and the sleepy farming town of Pemberton.

The Mountains

Tyax Lodge is situated in The Chilcotin Mountains, which are part of the Pacific Ranges which are part of The Coast Mountains. The mountains are over 4 million years old and were created by volcanic activity, due to the tectonic plate movements of the Juan De Fuca Plate. The area is full of interesting geological features, such as calderas, stratovolcanoes and even isolated patches of lava.

Spruce Lake Protected Area

Spruce Lake Protected Area is a protected area directly west of Tyax Lodge. It’s a massive 71,347-hectare in size and has been protected since the 1930s. The area is home to grizzly bears, wolverines, and even bighorn sheep.

Canoe Tyaughton Lake BC Canada

First Nations

The Tsilhqot’in Nation

The Tsilhqot’in Nation are the indigenous people of this area. Tsilhqot’in translates roughly into ‘The people of the red ochre river’. The name Chilcotin is the English derivation of the name Tsilhqot’in. They were known as both shrewd traders and fierce warriors. They traded obsidian which was the material of choice for arrow and axe heads at the time.

The Tsilhqot’in people first encountered Europeans circa 1800. They met with traders who by 1808 had built fur trading posts for the North West Company from Montreal. In 1821 The Hudson Bay Company had established a large fur trading post on the eastern limit of the Tsilhqot’in territory.

With the fur trade, the Europeans also brought devastating disease with them. The isolated location of the Tsilhqot’in people meant that some diseases took longer to arrive than others. Eventually, the diseases arrived and whooping cough, measles, smallpox, and the Spanish flu decimated the Tsilhqot’in people.

Tyax Lodge Gold Bridge Hiking

Hunter Jack

Hunter Jack is the most famous Tsilhqot’in person from this time period. He negotiated the end to a war between the Chilcotin and Lillooet people. He was widely regarded as a fantastic trapper, ran his own guide-outfitter business and became chief of the area.

He had many notable clients including British Rear-Admiral Michael Culme-Seymour, who recognized him as the leader of the local people and bestowed the land upon him. Hunter Jack was involved in the local gold rush and was said to have died without telling anybody of the location of his secret gold mine. The mine remains undiscovered to this day.

Tyax Lodge Chilcotins Hiking


Like many other regions on the west coast, the South Chilcotins had their own gold rush. While many went to the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon, there was enough gold found in nearby Bralorne that a gold mine was opened.

Initially Chinese and Italian prospectors came, but they were driven out by Hunter Jack. He did, however, allow certain crews to investigate on his land. One of these crews discovered Cadwallader Creek. Three men hiked along this creek from Lillooet and discovered three gold deposits which would form the Bralorne Gold Mine. In a seven-year period during the Great Depression of the 1930s, it is estimated that $37,000,000 of gold was extracted from the mine.

Tyax Lodge Horseback Riding

During this time there was also a boom in the logging industry in BC. Areas from Vancouver through to Pemberton were heavily logged. However, due to the difficulty of road building and transportation, the logging industry didn’t extend to Gold Bridge.

Tyax Heliskiing Helicopter

Tyax Lodge


Fast-forward to the late 1900s, the region left behind its pioneering past and became a destination for mountain adventures. Heli-skiing and epic mountain bike rides became very popular activities in the area. We’ve been running world-class heli-skiing tours from Tyax Lodge since 1991. Our extremely experienced guides and pilots will take you to various peaks in the South Chilcotins. With deep, dry powder, you’ll see why people come from all over the world to ski with us.

Tyax Mountain Bikers Single Track

Mountain Biking

In the summer you can come and mountain bike some of the trails the original pioneers built during the gold rush. The trails take you into truly remote regions and feature rugged, natural trails that encompass all of what riding in BC is about.

Tyax Lodge Spa Summer

Tyax Lodge

After your activities, you can relax in Tyax Lodge, which was renovated in 2010. There are rustic, comfortable rooms as well as an exciting dining options and a fully stocked bar. There’s also a full spa on site, with therapeutic massages, outdoor hot tub, and hot stone treatments.

Come experience the area’s history for yourself. And while you’re here, you can do some world-class heliskiing and mountain biking.

Mountain Biking at Tyax Lodge

Tyax Lodge Mountain Biking Activities

Why Mountain Bike at Tyax Lodge?

Simply put, mountain biking in the South Chilcotins is one of the most sought after bike trips in the entire world. Located just a few hours north of Whistler the bike trails surrounding Tyax Lodge are truly unique.

Single Track Mountain Biking South Chilcotins
Photo: Blake Jorgenson/Scott Bikes

The South Chilcotins range are more reminiscent of the surface of Mars than BC. The orange, greens, and reds of the volcanic pumice are like nothing you’ve ever ridden. In the distant background, the deep black rock of the Coastal range punches through the snowy peaks and glacier lakes.

The trails pick their way through the vast, empty, purely silent landscape. The only thing you’ll hear is the noise of your freehub spinning.

What Are The Trails Like?

Trail Types

The 200km trail network at Tyax Lodge takes in a whole host of differing eco-systems – green grasslands, flowering sub-alpine and alpine meadows, glacier lakes and towering mountains. The length and difficulty of the trails are just as numerous and diverse as the regions you’ll be riding.

Overall, the trails are rocky and loose, due to the prominence of the regions’ pumice rock. And they are in absolute mint condition after a light sprinkling of rain. During dry spells, the lower trails can get somewhat dry, with the trails at higher elevation retaining more solid dirt.

Trail Ratings

Our recommended trail loops range between 5-40km and can take up to 7 hours to complete. Mountain biking at Tyax Lodge features rugged singletrack climbs, raw technical descents, and natural flow. The riding area has 12 access trails, 2 green trails, 7 blue trails, 9 black trails, and 1 double black trail.

Who Can Ride The Trails?


We recommend that riders are of an advanced-novice ability. If you’re confident riding blue and black trails in your local area, then you have what it takes to come mountain biking at Tyax Lodge.


It’s a great idea to arrive at Tyax Lodge fit and injury free. The trails at Tyax Lodge are spread out across long, undulating landscapes, requiring a good level of fitness, and a great command of your dropper-post!

What To Bring?


We recommend that you bring your favourite all-mountain / enduro bike to Tyax Lodge. We find that they are the best choice for a day mountain biking in the South Chilcotins. There is a good mix of pedalling and descending, so it’s great to have a bike that is capable of doing both.

It’s very important that your bike is in great working order and recently serviced. You’ll be riding in some of the most remote terrain that you’re ever likely to be in. Make sure your bike won’t let you down!


You’ll also need to bring a day pack for your ride. Here are some essential items, but feel free to add whatever you need:

Water bottle/pack
Rain jacket (the weather can turn pretty quick out here)
Riding shorts
Knee pads
Riding shirt and spare
Riding glasses
Any medications that you need

When Can I Go Mountain Biking At Tyax Lodge?

The mountain biking trails at Tyax Lodge are ready to be ridden as soon as the snow clears. In late spring and early summer, you will encounter some pockets of snow in the more sheltered areas. As the riding area is very large, and weather is susceptible to change, you may experience all four seasons in one day. Keep an eye on the weather, and plan your equipment choices accordingly.

What Does Tyax Lodge Provide?


We provide you with incredibly knowledgeable local bike guides who know each and every bit of the 200km of trails surrounding Tyax Lodge. Due to the remoteness and infrequency of riders, not every trailhead is marked, so it’s great to have a guide who can keep you on track all day long. Our guides are also equipped with essential gear in the off-chance that you’ve forgotten something.

Tyaughton Lake and Tyax Lodge

The Lodge

Back at the lodge, we have everything you need after a big day of riding. We have a bike wash station available in the lodge as well as some fantastic dining options. You’ll need to replace all those calories you just burnt off! We also have a fully staffed spa on-site with an outdoor hot tub, if you want to pamper yourself even further.

For many, mountain biking at Tyax Lodge is a once in a lifetime experience. Get in touch with our team today and come experience it for yourself!

Your Wedding At Tyax Lodge

Wilderness Resort Events Weddings Summer

Your Wedding

You deserve the best on your wedding day. Our team here at Tyax Lodge is vastly experienced at providing unique weddings that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Tyax Lodge is the perfect venue for your dream wedding. Our exclusive wilderness resort in the South Chilcotin Mountains is the ideal setting to create memories that will last forever. Tyax Lodge is located 180km north of Whistler, BC and is accessible year-round by road.

Tyax Dock Wedding Party

Our lawn on the shore of Lake Tyaughton is the perfect space to gather 100 of your nearest and dearest for your wedding ceremony. We also have a range of reception room sizes to create the perfect ambience depending on the size of your group.

Your Venue

Tyax Lodge – Up to 100 guests

This fully catered venue is our most popular choice. With a decadent reception room, lake-view dining room and rustic lounge, it’s easy to see why. Full set-up and tear-down services are included in your package. We provide round tables, white folding chairs, white linen, tableware, cutlery, head table, in-house sound system, and dance floor area.

Tyax Barn – Up to 100 guests

Tyax Barn is a newly renovated, full catered barn with a reception space and dining area. This outdoor barn is fully protected from the elements and has bar service until 1  AM. Tyax Barn also comes with the same set-up service as Tyax Lodge, with the extra addition of fairy lights and romantic fabric hangings.

Wolverine Chalet at Tyax

Wolverine Chalet – 20 to 40 guests

The Wolverine Chalet is a fantastic choice of venue if you wish to bring your own caterer. This six bedroom, traditional log chalet is ideal for an intimate wedding of 20 to 40 guests. If needed, Tyax Lodge can provide set-up and tear-down of 62” round tables, white folding chairs, and white linen.

Lynx Chalet – 20 to 30 guests

Our other option for a private, self-catered wedding is the Lynx Chalet. This beautiful chalet, right on the water’s edge, is perfect for 20 to 30 guests. The Lynx Chalet also has an alternative lakeside ceremony venue. In the case of inclement weather, we can set up an outdoor wedding tent to keep your day running smoothly.

Your Meal

Chef Duarte creates your wedding menu with inspiration from the land around him. He only uses fresh, local, in-season ingredients for you and your guests. As such, the menu is constantly changing and evolving. With our canapés, you can expect something along the lines of Kusshi oysters with mignonette and fresh lemons, or Foie gras torchon with caramelized onions on toasted brioche.

Tyax Food Chef Marco Duarte

For your wedding meal, you can choose between a multi-course fine dining offering or perhaps you’d rather eat ‘family style’ with your guests. With choices like Pan Seared Scallop, Cache Creek Natural Beef Tenderloin and Truffled Tiramisu, the multi-course menu is sure to delight. The ‘family style’ dinner has options like Beef roast with a red wine jus, or Roasted Greek style veggies with goat cheese served on large platters to be shared between guests.

Or if you’d prefer a more casual reception meal, we can happily organize a lake-side barbeque for you and your guests.

After your meal, our dedicated staff will set up indoor and outdoor areas for an evening of dancing, drinking, and laughing.

Your Accommodation

We have 28 recently renovated, rustic bedrooms available in Tyax Lodge for you and your guests. Given our unique location, each room has stunning views of either Lake Tyaughton or the ancient forests surrounding the lodge. Our wilderness resort has all the amenities that you’d need for your big day.

Tyax Lodge Exterior Summer
If you are planning to have your wedding in one of our chalets, there are rooms available there as well. We also have a campsite at our lodge if your guests prefer to sleep under the stars.

Tyax Lodge is also available to be fully booked out for your wedding. In renting out the entire resort you create a truly intimate experience with total dedication from each and every staff member.

Your Team


With a menu seasonally crafted by Chef Durate, you can rest easy knowing that you and all your guests will have a gorgeous meal to celebrate your day. Our experienced staff have hosted countless weddings and are dedicated to making your day unique and perfect.


Tyax Lodge recommends booking local photographer, Alanna Govenlock, for your big day. Alanna specializes in photographing people in love. She has a vast amount of experience in capturing intimate moments and tender touches.

Bar Staff

Tyax Lodge has a full bar service available for your wedding. We have local wines and beers, as well as all your favourite liquors. Our talented bar staff are on hand in Tyax Lodge until 1 AM and serving alcohol until 12:30 AM.

Contact us and let us help organize your dream wedding.

Relax At Tyax Lodge

Dining at Tyax Lodge


Waking up in your luxurious bed in Tyax Lodge is the perfect start to your relaxing day. Tyax Lodge was renovated in 2010 and finished with high-end features that make your stay here extra special. Our Sealy pillow top mattresses and feather pillows make our beds some of the most comfortable that you’ll ever sleep in. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day.

But first coffee. Your room has a coffee machine to make your own fresh brew as you watch the sunrise above the mountains surrounding around Tyax Lodge. Log-on to the complimentary Wi-Fi or turn on the flat-screen TV to check in on the outside world. Or if you’d rather leave it all behind, you can use the iPod docking station and listen to your favourite music instead.

Tyax Lodge King Bedroom


For breakfast at Tyax Lodge, you will be served fresh, tasty food, grown in our unique setting. The region surrounding Tyax Lodge allows us to serve you locally grown organic vegetables and stone fruit. Our kitchen garden has fresh herbs and fruits that are served to you within minutes of being picked. We also have a culinary team here who forage for fresh ingredients daily just for you. Enjoy your breakfast knowing that your food is sustainably and consciously sourced from the land around you.


Tyaughton Lake

After breakfast, you can take a short, leisurely stroll down the gravel path to Lake Tyaughton and continue your day of relaxation.

In summer the water of Lake Tyaughton is the perfect temperature to take a dip and cool off. With views of the lodge and Nea Peak in the background, this might just be the most scenic swim you’ll ever have. You can also enjoy the lake by fishing and basking in the sunshine. Or if you’d rather spend your day on the water, feel free to use any of our paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes.

Tyaughton Lake and Tyax Lodge

When winter comes Lake Tyaughton freezes over and becomes the perfect place to skate and to try ice-fishing. If you’d prefer to stretch your legs a bit more, you can take advantage of the cross-country skiing and hiking trails around the lodge. Tyax Lodge is a hive of activity no matter what time of year.



By now you’ll be looking forward to another delicious meal. Lucky for you Chef Marco Duarte is on hand to serve up another memorable meal.

Chef Duarte is originally from Montreal and has honed his craft by travelling and working all over the world. South East Asia, Australia, Alaska, Montreal, and his Portuguese roots have all influenced his culinary style and philosophies. He believes in utterly passionate people creating food with the freshest ingredients possible. All his years of experience and dedication translate into a lunch that you’ll remember for a long time.



After a hard day of dining and exploring Tyax Lodge, you’ll earn some “me time” at the spa. Lucky for you there is a wide range of treatments and facilities on hand.

Head on over to our yoga studio to limber up and find your inner calm. This sunny studio has beautiful views of Lake Tyaughton, allowing you to further connect with the nature around you.

Tyax Lodge Spa Sauna

Our massage therapies will relieve whatever tension and makes that you may have. We have massage treatments designed specifically to soothe your stiff muscles, to help you fully relax and a neck massage to help alleviate any stress in your body.

Our highly-trained staff is on hand to create a treatment plan that is just for you. They’ll select the best locally sourced ingredients that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

After your massage therapy, you can unwind even further in our infra-red sauna, eucalyptus steam bath, and an outdoor hot tub. By the end of your spa day, any stress and tension will have melted away.



What better way to round off your relaxing day at Tyax Lodge than a seasonally inspired menu. Chef Durate creates his menu with locally sourced, in-season ingredients. All our bread is made in house and our meat comes from local organic farmers, which we butcher ourselves. Allow our sommelier to pair your meal choice with a fine wine from our extensive wine menu.

Tyax Lodge Chef Cooking


After dinner, you can stop by the bar and have a nightcap of your choice as you cozy up by the fireplace. Chat with the other guests and share tips on where to explore tomorrow.

After a long day of relaxation and dining, you’ll be delighted to return to your comfortable room. A good night of sleep is much needed for you to get up and do it all again tomorrow.


What is Heli-Skiing? And Other Frequently Asked Questions.

Tyax Heliskiing Partners

What is heli-skiing?

Heli-skiing is when you take a helicopter to access backcountry ski runs that are otherwise very difficult to reach. It is one of the most exhilarating, and unique, ski activities that you can do.

Loading up a helicopter with some of your best friends and heli-skiing at Tyax Lodge is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Our experienced pilots and highly qualified guides take you to some of the best powder runs in the world in a stunning setting.

Tyax Heliskiiing Red Helicopter

How difficult is heli-skiing?

Heli-skiing may seem like it is only for expert skiers and snowboarders, but actually, if you’re a fit intermediate skier, you can have a blast heli-skiing. If you’re comfortable skiing any in-bound resort run, then you’ve got what it takes to come heli-skiing at Tyax Lodge.

Do I have to jump out of the helicopter?

Getting our guests out of the helicopter is one of our main safety concerns here at Tyax Lodge. Our helicopters land safely on the snow and you exit the helicopter under supervision. The helicopter then collects you at the bottom of the run.

Tyax Heliskiing FAQ Canada

What to bring heli-skiing?

When you come heli-skiing at Tyax Lodge, you only need to bring your ski/snowboard boots and whatever else you wear on a cold day of resort skiing. We recommend that everyone brings their helmet too, but it’s not mandatory. We provide you with skis, boards, bindings, and poles.

We also provide all of our guests with Backcountry Access BCA Float 12 backpacks. In the case of an avalanche, these backpacks recognize the impact and discharge airbags that help to float you to the top of the snow, which increases the chances of rescue. We also have training for the use of transceivers, shovels, and probes.

Powder Heliskiing BC Canada

Where can I go heli-skiing?

There are fantastic heli-skiing destinations all around the world, including Japan, Georgia and even India. However, ever since heli-skiing was invented in Canada in the 1960s, it has remained the premiere heli-skiing destination in the world.

Tyax Lodge is nestled in between the Coastal Mountains and the South Chilcotin Mountains in the Goldbridge area of British Columbia. We’re 180km north of Whistler and accessible by road throughout the year. Our ski area spreads over 830,000 acres and we have an annual snowfall ranging between 5-25 meters. This part of BC is famous for having a wide variety of terrain, champagne powder and gorgeous sunny days. This area has such incredible conditions that we’ve been heli-skiing here since 1991.

When can I go heli-skiing?

You and your friends can come heli-skiing at Tyax Lodge between December and the end of March, give or take a few weeks depending on conditions. For December and January, you can expect low temperatures and regular storm cycles passing through. This all leads to dry, deep, powder runs all day long.

In February and March, there are generally fewer storms, but the days are sunny and bright. There’s still plenty of powder and the added bonus of some fantastic conditions for photographs. No matter what dates you come heli-skiing at Tyax Lodge our team will ensure that you have a fantastic experience.

Tyax Heliskiing Hellicopter BC Canada

Is heli-skiing safe?

We work alongside the Canadian Avalanche Association to analyze weather and snow data to reduce risks and avalanches as much as possible. Based on this analysis we are able to decide on the safest possible areas to go heli-skiing. We are also a member of HeliCat Canada and we adhere to their strict safety standards for the heli-skiing industry.

All of our heli-skiing guides at Tyax Lodge are qualified members of Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) or International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA). With decades of experience between them, they are able to bring you on some unparalleled heli-skiing, while maintaining the highest safety standard throughout.

Our helicopters are flown by pilots from Wildcat Helicopter. Not only are they expert heli-skiing pilots, but they also have experience in fighting forest fires from the air and conducting nature surveys in the Arctic. Our talented team of on-site engineers keeps the heli-skiing helicopters in top condition, ensuring that all facets of safety are comprehensively covered.

Photo Credits: Guy Fattal


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