Tyax Lodge Mountain Biking Activities

Mountain Biking at Tyax Lodge

Why Mountain Bike at Tyax Lodge?

Simply put, mountain biking in the South Chilcotins is one of the most sought after bike trips in the entire world. Located just a few hours north of Whistler the bike trails surrounding Tyax Lodge are truly unique.

Single Track Mountain Biking South Chilcotins
Photo: Blake Jorgenson/Scott Bikes

The South Chilcotins range are more reminiscent of the surface of Mars than BC. The orange, greens, and reds of the volcanic pumice are like nothing you’ve ever ridden. In the distant background, the deep black rock of the Coastal range punches through the snowy peaks and glacier lakes.

The trails pick their way through the vast, empty, purely silent landscape. The only thing you’ll hear is the noise of your freehub spinning.

What Are The Trails Like?

Trail Types

The 200km trail network at Tyax Lodge takes in a whole host of differing eco-systems – green grasslands, flowering sub-alpine and alpine meadows, glacier lakes and towering mountains. The length and difficulty of the trails are just as numerous and diverse as the regions you’ll be riding.

Overall, the trails are rocky and loose, due to the prominence of the regions’ pumice rock. And they are in absolute mint condition after a light sprinkling of rain. During dry spells, the lower trails can get somewhat dry, with the trails at higher elevation retaining more solid dirt.

Trail Ratings

Our recommended trail loops range between 5-40km and can take up to 7 hours to complete. Mountain biking at Tyax Lodge features rugged singletrack climbs, raw technical descents, and natural flow. The riding area has 12 access trails, 2 green trails, 7 blue trails, 9 black trails, and 1 double black trail.

Who Can Ride The Trails?


We recommend that riders are of an advanced-novice ability. If you’re confident riding blue and black trails in your local area, then you have what it takes to come mountain biking at Tyax Lodge.


It’s a great idea to arrive at Tyax Lodge fit and injury free. The trails at Tyax Lodge are spread out across long, undulating landscapes, requiring a good level of fitness, and a great command of your dropper-post!

What To Bring?


We recommend that you bring your favourite all-mountain / enduro bike to Tyax Lodge. We find that they are the best choice for a day mountain biking in the South Chilcotins. There is a good mix of pedalling and descending, so it’s great to have a bike that is capable of doing both.

It’s very important that your bike is in great working order and recently serviced. You’ll be riding in some of the most remote terrain that you’re ever likely to be in. Make sure your bike won’t let you down!


You’ll also need to bring a day pack for your ride. Here are some essential items, but feel free to add whatever you need:

Water bottle/pack
Rain jacket (the weather can turn pretty quick out here)
Riding shorts
Knee pads
Riding shirt and spare
Riding glasses
Any medications that you need

When Can I Go Mountain Biking At Tyax Lodge?

The mountain biking trails at Tyax Lodge are ready to be ridden as soon as the snow clears. In late spring and early summer, you will encounter some pockets of snow in the more sheltered areas. As the riding area is very large, and weather is susceptible to change, you may experience all four seasons in one day. Keep an eye on the weather, and plan your equipment choices accordingly.

What Does Tyax Lodge Provide?


We provide you with incredibly knowledgeable local bike guides who know each and every bit of the 200km of trails surrounding Tyax Lodge. Due to the remoteness and infrequency of riders, not every trailhead is marked, so it’s great to have a guide who can keep you on track all day long. Our guides are also equipped with essential gear in the off-chance that you’ve forgotten something.

Tyaughton Lake and Tyax Lodge

The Lodge

Back at the lodge, we have everything you need after a big day of riding. We have a bike wash station available in the lodge as well as some fantastic dining options. You’ll need to replace all those calories you just burnt off! We also have a fully staffed spa on-site with an outdoor hot tub, if you want to pamper yourself even further.

For many, mountain biking at Tyax Lodge is a once in a lifetime experience. Get in touch with our team today and come experience it for yourself!


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