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Here at Tyax, we’ve crafted the ultimate Canadian heli skiing experience for you: every package has just 1 group using the helicopter meaning your group has exclusive use of the heli. Enjoy Single Group heliskiing, with Unlimited Vertical, in the Chilcotin Mountains of British Columbia, where deep, dry snow and breathtaking terrain awaits.

Our professionally guided trips can be tailored to your needs, so if it’s a week of relaxed skiing or 5 days chasing down every line in our 830,000 acre ski area, we are ready to bring your dream heliskiing trip to life.

Powder skiing faceshots at Tyax Heliskiing
Unique, and Epic, Ski Format

The Single Group Per Heli Format is the best

We've bucked the trend. Instead of 2-4 groups using 1 helicopter, we know it is much better to dedicate 1 helicopter per group. This means your group gets a private ship. No waiting around. More exploring and more skiing.

And with Unlimited Vertical in every package, you won't pay more to ski more. This is the Tyax Difference.


Bowls, Pillows, Trees and a Whole Lot of Snow

This is the Chilcotin Range, where the Pacific Ocean sends moisture-heavy storms into the cold mountain air of the Chilcotin plateau, creating the driest snow in the most accessible terrain. We do steep and deep. We do easygoing and cruisy. Our mountains sit north of normal and south of gnarly, and that’s why Tyax offers something fresh for heliskiers and snowboarders who want to do it differently.  

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Wilderness Lodging

Social or Private - The Choice Is Yours

For heliskiers traveling solo or in a small group, you may prefer the vibrancy of Tyax Lodge and its high-end spa facilities.

For larger groups, or for those who desire privacy and exclusivity, reserving the stunning Spirit Bear Chalet is akin to having your own heliskiing operation.


Canadian Heliskiing Packages

The province of British Columbia is the best place to heliski in Canada, and Canada is the most iconic heliskiing nation on the planet. We have a package for anyone who has ever dreamed of visiting an iconic location known for hero snow.  Prefer to have your own private chalet and helicopter? You can have that. Just you and a few friends? We make it work. From one to everyone, Tyax offers packages to fit your purpose.

Lodge Dispatches

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